The requirements of medical electronics device customers are stringent. At BRM, we have strong manufacturer relationships to provide a continual stable supply of product required for long term contracts. We offer technical design assistance plus dedicated support for the entire healthcare electronics product life cycle. We also have customized inventory programs and material planning solutions essential to preventing shortages and reducing overall cost.

Avionics & Instrumentation

As the avionics and instrumentation Industries continue to become more complex and provide endless features in control and monitoring systems, the need for electronic components has increased exponentially. That demand in turn can lead to shortages and an increase in pricing, placing customer design and production in jeopardy and slower time to market. We at BRM understand the balance of supply and through our strategic relationships and purchasing solutions, we eliminate the impact of shortages and price flux.


The electronics manufacturing industry involves a complicated supply chain, spanning from independent producers of circuit interconnections to OEMs. At BRM, we have strong manufacturer relationships with suppliers large and small. We provide a continual stable supply of products required for long-term contracts and offer customized procurement programs that aid in material planning and cost management, allowing contract manufacturers to focus on productivity.

Safety & Maintenance

Our mission at BRM goes beyond providing parts and services to help you improve productivity and efficiency; we’re equally committed to ensuring the safety of your greatest asset: your employees! We offer a complete and varied assortment of products that aid in the safety and well-being of your staff, whether it’s electronic components that offer a high level of performance and reliability and performance or if it’s the actual MRO PPE they’re wearing and using on the job.


When it comes to the energy sector, electronic products and kits need to improve quality, and enhance performance while also meeting the many requirements of applications for tradition and renewable energy resources. At BRM, we provide high-performance and high-reliability products from major manufacturers to support the demanding requirements of this industry. Understanding the need for compliance and consistency in design and production, BRM is an integral resource to engineering before, during, and after design implementation.

Communication & Transportation

The communications and transportation markets have been significantly impacted by the integration of electronic components and the increasing demand to offer consumers more advanced applications. At BRM, we responded quickly to market demands by sourcing the latest technology at the most competitive prices. Through strong manufacturer relationships, we are able to get the best prices for all your requirements. And our service department is always on-hand to offer technical solutions as well as tailor-made services.

Aerospace & Defense

Whether it’s the military or civil sector, the quality and reliability of the electronic products they use aren’t simply vital they are a matter of life and death. Because of that, the aerospace and defense industry must meet numerous compliance requirements set by the government and the FAA. At BRM, we document and provide certifications for all products to meet any industry standards and restrictions. Our commitment to providing the best service and quality components complements the strict requirements this industry must follow.

Laboratories And Municipalities

The requirements of laboratories and municipalities are diverse and often require creative procurement resources. At BRM, we draw upon our long-standing relationships and strategic alliances to find the specific solutions they need, whether they are application specific or general-purpose products. We provide labs, municipalities, and universities with complete design flexibility and superior system performance, leading to improved time-to-market.


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